Drysdale Preschool

Key Features

At Drysdale Preschool we believe play is the basis of all future development. Kindergarten is a community place to foster friendships and support and encourage family participation. Through play and guided activities we aim to:
  • Respect the uniqueness and potential of each child
  • Enhance each child’s strength, competence and self esteem
  • Ensure that work with children is based on their interests, reflects consideration of each child’s perspectives and needs, and lets children know they have a contribution to make.

Drysdale Educators

Kindergarten leader


Contact Info 

13 Eversley Street
Drysdale 3222

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Telephone: 03 5253 1663
Email: drysdale.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au

Web: www.drysdalepreschool.org.au


How to enrol: Three and four year old enrolment registrations are managed by GKA.
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General enrolment enquiries, questions about our kindergarten program or preparing your child for kinder please call 5273 0200.


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