Executive Leadership Team

Managing Director - Anneliese Knell

The Managing Director reports to the GKA Board and is responsible for the overall management of GKA. The Managing Director has responsibility for the strategic and operational planning while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and standards as it relates to the provision of kindergarten programming. The Managing Director is responsible for building collaborative relationships while driving key service models and directions that are consistent with government policy and reflect the expectations of stakeholders and the strategic direction of the organisation.

Business Services Manager - Marg Burke

The Business Services Manager is responsible for the operational oversight of the business operations portfolio. The role is responsible for building collaborative relationships across the organisation and external to it, while driving the areas of finance, payroll and human resources. The role also interfaces with and provides advice to Parent Advisory Groups regarding issues of governance and operations.



Kindergarten Services Manager

Mehgan Kelly
Catherine O’Hara

The Kindergarten Servcies Manager oversees the operations of several kindergaten programs within the GKA management group. The Manager provides advice and support to GKA staff to ensure that they operate in accordance with relevent legislation, standards and requirements. The Kindergarten Services Manager in the context of the National Quality Framwork (NQF) promotes a culture of working together to ensure compliance with standards and the delivery of high quality educational programs. The Kindergarten Services Manager ensures that GKA staff work within the context of the GKA Vision, Mission and Values.